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Zawiera: Part I Surveillance Techniques and Technologies: NSA Surveillance in the War on Terror; Location Tracking; Terrorist Watchlists; "Incidental" Foreign Intelligence Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment; Biometric Surveillance and Big Data Governance; Fusion Centers; Big Data Surveillance: The Convergence of Big Data andLaw Enforcement; The Internet of Things and Self-Surveillance Systems. Part II Surveillance Applications: Balancing Privacy and Public Safety in the Post-Snowden Er; Obama's Mixed Legacy on Cybersecurity, Surveillance, andSurveillance Reform; Local Law Enforcement Video Surveillance: Rules, Technology,and Legal Implications; The Surveillance Implications of Efforts to Combat Cyber Harassment; The Case for Surveillance; "Going Dark": Encryption, Privacy, Liberty, and Security in the"Golden Age of Surveillance"; Business Responses to Surveillance. Part III Impacts of Surveillance: Seeing, Seizing, and Searching Like a State: Constitutional Developmentsfrom the Seventeenth Century to the End of the Nineteenth Century; An Eerie Feeling of Deja Vu: From Soviet Snitches to Angry Bird; The Impact of Online Surveillance on Behavior; Surveillance versus Privacy: Effects and Implications; Intellectual and Social Freedom; The Surveillance Regulation Toolkit: Thinking beyond Probable Cause; European Human Rights, Criminal Surveillance, and IntelligenceSurveillance: Towards "Good Enough" Oversight, Preferably but NotNecessarily by Judge; Lessons from the History of National Security Surveillance. Part IV Regulation of Surveillance: Regulating Surveillance through Litigation: Some Thoughts fromthe Trenches; Legislative Regulation of Government Surveillance; California's Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA):A Case Study in Legislative Regulation of Surveillance; Surveillance in the European Union; Mutual Legal Assistance in the Digital Ag; The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board; FTC Regulation of Cybersecurity and Surveillance; The Federal Communications Commission as Privacy Regulator.
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